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Hinter Glas @ Fenster61

Christian Reister

Hinter Glas @ Fenster61

The 89th exhibition at FENSTER61 is a group show called Hinter Glas and is curated by Nicole Woischwill and Jenny Graser. It shows photographs of Jeremie Aubouin, Anna Arendt, Dorothee Baumann, Olle Fischer, Uta Protzmann, Christian Reister, Anke Schüttler und Nicole Woischwill. See more on FENSTER61’s website.

Kleister @ Hotel Bogota

Christian Reister

Kleister @ Hotel Bogota

Pasting photography all over the walls of Hotel Bogota. On Sunday, 55 photographers transformed the empty rooms of Hotel Bogota’s 4th floor into a vast photo gallery. All pictures were pasted to the wall and will remain until the restoration (or, well: distortion) of the building. Open daily from 4 to 8 pm. Schlüterstr. 45. Final showdown and finissage is on Saturday.

About Kleister: website | facebook

UPDATE: check these photos…

December exhibitions

Christian Reister

2 group show participations in December:

Blue Monday / Kleister at Hotel Bogota

55 Berliner Fotografen erweisen dem Bogota die letzte Ehre!

with: Frederico Azevedo, Frank Bartsch, Holger Biermann, Karoline Bofinger, Alexine Chanel, Lia Darjes, Damien Daufresne, Chiara Dazi, Lisa Dürer, Patricia Escriche, Torben Geeck, April Gertler, hannah goldstein, Benny Golm, Ismini Goula, Goodyn Green, Katja Haustein, Fred Hüning, Philipp Jester, Charlie Jouvet, Max Kersting, Thorsten Kirchhoff, Birgit Krause, Sebastian Laraia, Claire Laude, Amélie Losier, Sara-Lena Maierhofer, Maslowski/Grenzhäuser, Lutz Matschke, Jan Michalko, Lene Münch, Florian Oellers, Lukas Olfe, Ethna O‘ Regan, Piotr Pietrus, Christian Reister, Nadja Ritter, Gilles Roudière, Stefanie Rumpler, Corinna Sauer, Ulrike Schmitz, Ina Schönenburg, Torsten Schumann, André Simonow, Kamil Sobolewski, Stephanie Steinkopf, Dana Stölzgen, Yehuda Swed, Dagmar Tränkle, Irina Tübbecke, Constanze Vielgosz, Mathias Völcker, Jonas Ludwig Walter, Fridolin Welti, Jan Zappner

Dec 9th – 14th, opening party Dec. 8Th, 7pm
Schlüterstraße 45 | D-10707 Berlin
This will be the very last event at Hotel Bogota before it will close forever. |

Hinter Glas at Fenster61

with: Jeremie Aubouin, Anna Arendt, Dorothee Baumann, Olle Fischer, Uta Protzmann, Christian Reister, Anke Schüttler and Nicole Woischwill

8 photographers on 2×2 meters in a shopwindow.
Curated by Jenny Graser and Nicole Woischwill.
Dec 12th – Jan 18th
Torstr. 61 | 10119 Berlin

Sebastian Hesse


My friend Sebastian Hesse with whom I have spend two years at an Ostkreuz Seminar with Ute Mahler many years ago and with whom I have once did an exhibition project called „Ankunft Bei Aufbruch“, has a new book, a new exhibition and a new website. Enjoy!

Openings tonight

Christian Reister

2 openings in Berlin I’d like to recommend for tonight:

The last opening at Burjuar: All by myself by Elke Günzler
Wild and Sauerkraut: Torsten Schumann at Foxhole Gallery

Famille á Paris

Christian Reister

Famille á Paris

If you are in or around Paris… the next opening of the Famille exhibition tour ist on the way.

with  Holger Biermann, Manuela Böhme, Andreas B. Krueger, Amélie Losier, Prisca Martaguet, Albin Millot, Sebastian Rosenberg, Sandra Schmalz, Anne‐Sophie Costenoble, Laure Geerts, Marie Ozanne, Stéphanie Pety de Thozée, Anne Ransquin, Fred Hüning, Klaus Muenzner, Christian Reister, Mirjam Siefert, Iris Wolf.

Vernissage : samedi le 16 novembre 2013 de 18 à 21h

Galerie Vincenz Sala
52 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth
75003 Paris
(Métro Temple/République)

La galerie sera ouverte du 16 novembre jusqu’au 7 décembre (de mercredi à samedi de 14 à 19h).

York Wegerhoff at Fenster61

Christian Reister

York Wegerhoff @ Fenster61

York Wegerhoff’s exhibition „Berlin#“ is presented in lovely light boxes at Fenster61 until Dec. 17th. Parts of the staged photo series has been taken right in the area where you can see them now. Read + see more about it here.

New Seconds2Real domain


Seconds2Real has a new domain. Stay tuned on

Daniel Seiffert at Fenster61

Christian Reister

Danial Seiffert at Fenster61

Currently at FENSTER61 – a series of about 30 photos by Daniel Seiffert taken at the Berliner horse racing venue Hoppegarten. See it here. Daniel Seiffert is best known for his award winning series and book Kraftwerk Jugend.

Berlin Trilogie extended

Christian Reister

Berlin Trilogie at Café Aroma

A little bit more time to visit „Berlin Trilogie“ at the lovely Café Aroma.
The last day will be October 13th.

Marga van den Meydenberg at Fenster61

Christian Reister

Marga van den Meydenberg at Fenster61

„Fleeting Moments“, a collection of humorous street photographs form Berlin, by Dutch photographer Marga van den Meydenberg, is the current exhibiton at Fenster61. See her images on the fenster61 website, and read this nice interview to learn a bit more about her approach.

Photo auction for Hotel Bogota

Christian Reister

Foto: Christian Reister

To raise money for Hotel Bogota (see previous post) more than 70 photographers have donated photographs for an auction next Sunday. Among a lot of local artists there are also pieces of Martin Parr, Rene Buri, Michael Ackermann or Oskar Lebeck. Check out the auction website and the full catalogue (PDF).

Sneak Preview: NebenanSicht

Christian Reister

Untitled (from „Deutsche Portraits“) Christian Reister, 2010

3ed station for my little series of country fans is: Berlin!
The exhibition „NebenanSicht“ with 14 photographers will be hosted at Bahnhof Lichtenberg. Come by this Saturday night for a sneak preview.

Facebook event page:
More infos:…das-leben-an-sich/

Exhibiting artists: Eva Brunner, Michele Caliari, Marion Elias, Camilla Elle, Jeroen Goulooze, Stefanie Hövermann, Susanne Leibold, Ann Lofy, Lutz Matschke, Stephanie Neumann, Oliver Parzer, Christian Reister, Vera Rüttimann, Irina Tübbecke.

Tonight in Brussels

Christian Reister

Untitled (from „Deutsche Portraits“) Christian Reister, 2010

My country portrait series will be on exhibition in Brussels.
Opening is today.

with Holger Biermann, Manuela Böhme, Andreas B. Krueger, Amélie Losier, Prisca Martaguet, Albin Millot, Sebastian Rosenberg, Sandra Schmalz, Anne Sophie Costenoble, Laure Geerts, Marie Ozanne, Stéphanie Pety de Thozée, Anne Ransquin, Fred Hüning, Klaus Muenzner, Mirjam Siefert, Iris Wolf, Christian Reister.
Galerie ikono, 47 rue Lesbroussart, 1050 Bruxelles
28. Aug – 6. Sept.
organized by ParisBerlin>photogroup and Collectif Caravane

Image above:
Untitled (from „Deutsche Portraits“), Christian Reister, 2010

Documentaries About Photography 2

Christian Reister

Another great source for films on photographers and photographers: Erik Schrader’s Youtube Channel. Thank you, Erik!

Marcel Merchán Casado at Fenster61

Christian Reister

Marcel Merchán Casado at Fenster61 at Fenster61

Some really mysterious photos from Marcel Merchán Casado are on display at Fenster61 until Sept 9th.
See them here.

Too Rich for Monaco

Christian Reister

Zu Reich Für Monaco (c) Christian Reister

Finalizing the edit of some new printed matter. Don’t want to reveal too much about it yet but couldn’t resist to give a little preview on the cover design…

Kay von Aspern’s Randnotizen

Christian Reister

My friend and Seconds2Real colleague Kay von Aspern is preparing his next solo show in Vienna. It will be hosted at the local Leica Store. Check this link.

Holger Biermann at Fenster61

Christian Reister

FENSTER61 with Holger Biermann

Holger Biermann must be one of Berlin’s most active street photographers. When I go out for my photo walks I meet him every now an then on Friedrichstraße, Alexanderplatz or whereever. Currently he is showing parts of his Terrassen am Zoo series at FENSTER61 until Aug. 13. If you like it be sure to get his nice booklet of the same name that he sells for only 5 Euros.

Andrea Diener exhibition in Frankfurt

Christian Reister

Andrea Diener who is not only a brillant writer but also a photographer is currently having an exhibition of her street photographs form Frankfurt at AusstellungsHalle. If you are in or around Frankfurt/Main be sure to drop by! The show is up until Sunday and unfortunately I won’t be able to see it :-(

Along the Way / Arles

Christian Reister

Alessia Bernardin

One of the most charming images I have seen in Arles wasn’t part of an exhibition, it was just pasted on some wall. By Alessia Bernardin.

Berlin/Wien book almost sold out

Christian Reister

If you are interested in one of the last copies of my book with Kay von Aspern you should order it now. We have only 3 copies left. Thanks a lot to everyone who has bought this book so far and made this project a great success for us!

Documentaries About Photography

Christian Reister

The Big Fat List of Documentaries About Photography – found on petapixel. Wow!

Parlez vous francais?

Christian Reister

I’m going to visit France by the end of the week to attend the Arles Photofestival, Nice and maybe some other places. I’m going to be part of a group exhibition in the voies-off programme in Arles. The photos are portraits from 2010 that I haven’t shown anywhere before.

Photo: Christian Reister

Untitled (from „Deutsche Portraits“)
Christian Reister, 2010

„It’s desire that feeds our soul, not fulfillment“
– Arthur Schnitzler

The photos show visitors of the Country Music Fair in Berlin, the biggest of it’s kind outside the United States.

Organized by ParisBerlin>fotogroup there is also a catalogue in the making.

facebook-event-link | more infos here | and on arte

Support Hotel Bogota

Christian Reister

Just a few weeks after my exhibition in one of the most charming photo places in West Berlin, Hotel Bogota is in serious trouble. The Hotel Bogota is not only the last „Salonhotel“ on  Kurfürstendamm but also a grand piece of Berlin’s cultural history. Before the war, there was the studio of fashion photographer Yva, where Helmut Newton learned his craft. The list of photographers who have photographed and exhibited there is endless. The hotel also hosts a lot of other cultural events – from art exhibitions to literature, from Tango nights to readings, concerts, whatever.

What’s best for a hotel that has financial trouble? BOOK IT.

Forget the large hotel chains that ruin family run hotels such as the Hotel Bogota. Ignore the illegal holiday flats that have become so pupular in Berlin. They don’t even pay tax!

Hotel  Bogota has three price categories, the cheapest affordable even for backpackers. Stay where all the big names form Newton to Parr stay when they are in Berlin. In the probably most photogenic hotel in Berlin!

Sign the online petition. More information on the Hotel’s facebook page. And here is a German article from Tagesspiegel.

Berlin Trilogie at Café Aroma

Christian Reister

A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended the opening at Café Aroma yesterday. It was a very special evening for me.
Can anyone email me some pictures from the event? I only have a few taken before and after…

Café Aroma

Café Aroma

Café Aroma

The exhibition is on until October. Details.

Berlin Trilogy / NACHT

Christian Reister

tip Berlin über Christian Reister

The third room will host photographs form my latest b/w series NACHT.
The gorilla photo is part of it and was just published by tip Magazin for a 2 page announcement about the exhibition. Today we will set up the exhibition, opening is tomorrow. I’m really looking forward….

Berlin Trilogy / ALEX

Christian Reister

from ALEX by Christian Reister

Room 2 will be ALEX’s room. 40 photos – that’s almost every picture from the book. The new prints are darker and rougher. They really fit to the mood of the series, I think.

Berlin Trilogy / Room 1

Christian Reister

Berlin 2006

I took the weekend off to prepare my next exhibition which will take place in three rooms of Café Aroma, Berlin Schöneberg (Opening date is June 6th – check my website for details).

The first room will be some kind of „Best of Berlin“ from recent years and it turns out that it will all be photos from the Berlin+Wien project that is still on exhibition in Vienna at the moment. The oldest picture in the show will be the one above. It is from 2006. It was part of my first „Urban B’Sides“ exhibition five years ago but somehow I lost sight of it. Maybe I thought it was „too easy“ as it was taken around some art event on a parking deck in Neukölln. It’s always strange how some images gain more importance with time while others fade away within a few month after you thought it was a great shot.

Framing images

Daido Moriyama – The mighty Power

Christian Reister

„Every city, no matter how it looks, is a work of art.“
– says Daido Moriyama in this beautiful video.

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