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The second edition of “Bist Du Glücklich?” is in production and will be ready for shipping in the first week of January (I hope ;-).
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Amélie Losier at Fenster61

Christian Reister


…et voilá: the current exhibition at Fenster61 is “Stalin Allee vs Karl-Marx-Allee” by Amélie Losier.

Nike of Berlin. Where’s the beer bike?

Christian Reister


This made my day!

“Dear Christian, I enjoyed your little Berlin book with its big German question: bist du glücklich? I made some comments:

I like the lamp.

Rush hour reflections, hang on! Brussel Sprouts.

Unhappy, thirsty bunny. Her friend’s pubic bag hangs low. The hydrant is handy.

This is the Hamburg Crouch – like the Lambeth Walk in London.

The Berliner call them ‘Wannen’. Looks wet.

Plastic surgery.

The German question again.

Kunststück. No one notices.

Windows 95 + 11

Looks like copulation. Staged.

There must be something there!


Stairway to heaven

Fly, fly, fly away!

Staged in Arles?

Nice floor, tiled wall. Underground?

“Wir Kinder …”

A sunny Vienna corner

Rie ne va plus. I like the arrow heads.

Nike of Berlin. Where’s the beer bike?

Who stole the pole?


What’s going on?

Flower Power

Blind to Gentrification

Nancy tickled my fancy – Oh my charming Billy Boy.


Almost Escher

Homage to Andy.

The answer to the question! (Bauzaun is the clue)


Bronzed liberty

This is not the answer – love is!”

Kunst Späti

Christian Reister

Kunst Späti #2

I am happy and feel honored to be invited to take part at KunstSpäti/Affordable Art market #2 at tête, Schönhauser Allee 161A, Berlin, NEXT wednesday evening. My books and postcards will be available at the booth of miraprospect. Check out details here. Stop by, bring some friends, have a chat, tea, coffee, cakes, whatever.

Made in Berlin

Christian Reister

Made in Berlin

Made in Berlin – the photobook exhibition at 12exp, is open on 4 more days: next 2 saturdays (4-8pm) and sondays (2-6pm). A very nice collection of contemporary self-published and indie publisher’s books and zines. www.exp12.com

Udo Lindemann at Fenster61

Christian Reister

Udo Lindemann at Fenster61

Udo Lindemann’s exhibition “Tacheles Polaroids” is the 100st exhibition at Fenster61! Yes, yes, yes! See and read more about his work here. Currently I am planing the first few months of the new year – read the concept and submit your work if it is intersting for you to show your work in this context.

Bist Du Glücklich?

Christian Reister


My latest little book has 64 pages, the size of a postcard and is now available online:


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Photobook Events in Berlin

Christian Reister

photobooks by Christian Reister: Berlin-Wien, Bist du Glücklich?, ALEX

I made a little new book recently. It is called „Bist Du Glücklich?“ (Are you happy?). And while there is nothing about it online yet I will show it at the following events along with my older babies ALEX and BERLIN+WIEN (with Kay von Aspern):

15 Nov 2014
Das Gift, Donaustrasse 119, 12043 Berlin Neukölln
open: 8 pm til ?

23 Nov – 14 Dez 2014
Vernissage: 22 Nov, 7pm
MADE IN BERLIN – photobook exhibition
exp12, Greifswalder Str. 217, 10405 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
open: Sat 4-8pm + Sun 2-6pm

23 Nov 2014
BERLIN PHOTOBOOK – 1. Berliner Büchermarkt zur Stadtfotografie
Carpentier Galerie, Meinekestr. 13, 10719 Berlin Wilmersdorf
open: 1-6 pm

Stop by, have a chat, have a drink, buy a book. Or two.

Berlin Photobook Market

Christian Reister

If you are interested in Berlin city / street / documentary photography check out the 1st Berliner photobook market at Carpentier Galerie. All photographers will be present. Details

Berlin Photobook 1. Berliner Büchermarkt zur Stadtfotografie

Stéphane Lelarge at Fenster61

Christian Reister

Stéphane Lelarge at Fenster61

Stéphane Lelarge at Fenster61.

Torsten Schumann at Fenster61

Christian Reister

Torsten Schumann im Fenster61

Currently at Fenster61: Parts of Torsten Schumann’s work Wild & Sauerkraut. Check it out offline at Torstr. 61 or online here or here.

New blog: Obst und Muse

Christian Reister

Obst Und Muse

I have started a new blog with my friend and colleague Pepper who is a photographer, art agent and journalist based in Berlin. Obst and Muse is in German and contains interviews with all kinds of people who have something to do with photography. Photographers, curators, photo students, critics, whatever. Let’s see how things develop. Check out the first posts here.

New Yorkers in Vienna

Christian Reister

Had a page in Wiener Zeitung last sunday. Thank you,  Willy Puchner!

hannah goldstein at Fenster61

Christian Reister

hannah goldstein at Fenster61

New inside of the window: hannah goldstein’s very personal work “Good-bye Sweden” at Fenster61.

Last week of “Berlin Photography 2″

Christian Reister

Parts of my exhibition at Carpentier Galerie

This week is the last week of the “Berlin Photography 2″ exhibition at Carpentier Galerie. Stop by if you haven’t seen it yet!

Parts of my exhibition at Carpentier Galerie

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