Katja Haustein at Fenster61


Katja Haustein at Fenster61

A very personal Cops and Robbers story from an East Berliner childhood is on display at Fenster61 at the moment. Katja Haustein’s series can also been seen online.

an image a day keeps the doctor away

Christian Reister

Berlin 2009

“an image a day keeps the doctor away” was the title of my first photoblog somewhen around 2001/2002. I’m trying do do something like this on tumblr now. Enjoy.

Silke Schwarz at Fenster61

Christian Reister

Silke Schwarz at Fenster61

Personal space is like a protective shield that allows people to explore and express their personalities. People must be able to individualize spaces to make them their own. “17 m2 – Waiting for Home” is a series of permanent records of the temporary, of what is probably the highest possible degree of individualization within standardized and homogenized spaces. These works depict provisional arrangements in homes for asylum seekers, arrangements that for many of these people continue to be provisional and temporary for several months, and for most of them for years. Personal effects, photographs and other items provide glimpses into the countries of origin and the cultures of those living in these homes and inject some individuality into these otherwise stark and sterile spaces.

- press text for Silke Schwarz’ exhibition “17qm – Warten auf Heimat” at Fenster61.


Christian Reister


Some photos of mine are published in the Czech magazin CiliChili in an issue about Germany. Thanks, Petr!

Lutz Matschke at Fenster61


Lutz Matschke at Fenster61

Lutz Matschke ist exhibiting at Fenster61. What, when, how long?

A Café Restaurant Exhibition

Christian Reister

Manzini, Berlin

The Café Restaurant Manzini at Luwigkirchstraße 11 in Berlin Wilmersdorf is a nice place for decent coffee and fine dining. Now it is even a little bit nicer because they have some of my photographs on the wall. Thanks to Manfred Carpentier from Carpentier Galerie for arranging this!

Robert Herrmann at Fenster61

Christian Reister

Robert Herrmann at Fenster61

FENSTER61′s first exhibition in 2014: Robert Herrmann “Monotony”. In the window until Feb 11 and here on FENSTER61′s website.

Hinter Glas @ Fenster61

Christian Reister

Hinter Glas @ Fenster61

The 89th exhibition at FENSTER61 is a group show called Hinter Glas and is curated by Nicole Woischwill and Jenny Graser. It shows photographs of Jeremie Aubouin, Anna Arendt, Dorothee Baumann, Olle Fischer, Uta Protzmann, Christian Reister, Anke Schüttler und Nicole Woischwill. See more on FENSTER61′s website.

Kleister @ Hotel Bogota

Christian Reister

Kleister @ Hotel Bogota

Pasting photography all over the walls of Hotel Bogota. On Sunday, 55 photographers transformed the empty rooms of Hotel Bogota’s 4th floor into a vast photo gallery. All pictures were pasted to the wall and will remain until the restoration (or, well: distortion) of the building. Open daily from 4 to 8 pm. Schlüterstr. 45. Final showdown and finissage is on Saturday.

About Kleister: website | facebook

UPDATE: check these photos…

December exhibitions

Christian Reister

2 group show participations in December:

Blue Monday / Kleister at Hotel Bogota

55 Berliner Fotografen erweisen dem Bogota die letzte Ehre!

with: Frederico Azevedo, Frank Bartsch, Holger Biermann, Karoline Bofinger, Alexine Chanel, Lia Darjes, Damien Daufresne, Chiara Dazi, Lisa Dürer, Patricia Escriche, Torben Geeck, April Gertler, hannah goldstein, Benny Golm, Ismini Goula, Goodyn Green, Katja Haustein, Fred Hüning, Philipp Jester, Charlie Jouvet, Max Kersting, Thorsten Kirchhoff, Birgit Krause, Sebastian Laraia, Claire Laude, Amélie Losier, Sara-Lena Maierhofer, Maslowski/Grenzhäuser, Lutz Matschke, Jan Michalko, Lene Münch, Florian Oellers, Lukas Olfe, Ethna O’ Regan, Piotr Pietrus, Christian Reister, Nadja Ritter, Gilles Roudière, Stefanie Rumpler, Corinna Sauer, Ulrike Schmitz, Ina Schönenburg, Torsten Schumann, André Simonow, Kamil Sobolewski, Stephanie Steinkopf, Dana Stölzgen, Yehuda Swed, Dagmar Tränkle, Irina Tübbecke, Constanze Vielgosz, Mathias Völcker, Jonas Ludwig Walter, Fridolin Welti, Jan Zappner

Dec 9th – 14th, opening party Dec. 8Th, 7pm
Schlüterstraße 45 | D-10707 Berlin
This will be the very last event at Hotel Bogota before it will close forever.
www.kleister-now.de | www.bogota.de

Hinter Glas at Fenster61

with: Jeremie Aubouin, Anna Arendt, Dorothee Baumann, Olle Fischer, Uta Protzmann, Christian Reister, Anke Schüttler and Nicole Woischwill

8 photographers on 2×2 meters in a shopwindow.
Curated by Jenny Graser and Nicole Woischwill.
Dec 12th – Jan 18th
Torstr. 61 | 10119 Berlin

Sebastian Hesse


My friend Sebastian Hesse with whom I have spend two years at an Ostkreuz Seminar with Ute Mahler many years ago and with whom I have once did an exhibition project called “Ankunft Bei Aufbruch”, has a new book, a new exhibition and a new website. Enjoy!

Openings tonight

Christian Reister

2 openings in Berlin I’d like to recommend for tonight:

The last opening at Burjuar: All by myself by Elke Günzler
Wild and Sauerkraut: Torsten Schumann at Foxhole Gallery

Famille á Paris

Christian Reister

Famille á Paris

If you are in or around Paris… the next opening of the Famille exhibition tour ist on the way.

with  Holger Biermann, Manuela Böhme, Andreas B. Krueger, Amélie Losier, Prisca Martaguet, Albin Millot, Sebastian Rosenberg, Sandra Schmalz, Anne‐Sophie Costenoble, Laure Geerts, Marie Ozanne, Stéphanie Pety de Thozée, Anne Ransquin, Fred Hüning, Klaus Muenzner, Christian Reister, Mirjam Siefert, Iris Wolf.

Vernissage : samedi le 16 novembre 2013 de 18 à 21h

Galerie Vincenz Sala
52 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth
75003 Paris
(Métro Temple/République)

La galerie sera ouverte du 16 novembre jusqu’au 7 décembre (de mercredi à samedi de 14 à 19h).

York Wegerhoff at Fenster61

Christian Reister

York Wegerhoff @ Fenster61

York Wegerhoff’s exhibition “Berlin#” is presented in lovely light boxes at Fenster61 until Dec. 17th. Parts of the staged photo series has been taken right in the area where you can see them now. Read + see more about it here.

New Seconds2Real domain


Seconds2Real has a new domain. Stay tuned on www.seconds2real.org.

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