Documentaries About Photography 2

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Another great source for films on photographers and photographers: Erik Schrader’s Youtube Channel. Thank you, Erik!

Documentaries About Photography

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The Big Fat List of Documentaries About Photography – found on petapixel. Wow!

Martin Parr in the 80s

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Nice: an 80s TV documentation about Martin Parr on the archive pages of the BBC.

Henri Cartier-Bresson on arte

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What a beautiful documentary (will be online for a few days only!)

Christopher Anderson

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There’s an interesting video about Christopher Anderson on the pages of vice magazine. Anderson became famous for his photos form wars and crisis regions, then switched to very personal work when he became a father and is now photographing mostly at home in New York City.

About „Freakshows“

Christian Reister

Every once in a while you’ll find someone – usually a journalist, an art critique or some other „intellectual“  – describing certain photographic works as a „freak show“. In my opinion comments like these say a lot about the people who say it and in most cases very little about the work itself or the photographer’s approach. Photographers like Bruce Gilden or Roger Ballen – both very diverse in style – always have to cope with critiques like that. You may like the work or not but I think it’s always good to listen to an artist before condemning them. In this context…
Roger Ballen documentation from German TV
Bruce Gilden about his Coney Island book

Alex Webb

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„If you can’t edit your work you are not really expressing yourself.“
Alex Webb in a 20 min video feature on

Impressions from Vienna

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Berlin:Crash by Henrik Verning

Christian Reister

After the release of Henrik Verning’s book Berlin – Die Stadt und die Beute in 2008 I asked him if he would like to exhibit some of his photographs at FENSTER61. He exhibited some new work there in 2009 and some of the pictures are now part of his new publication Sampler.01/Berlin:Crash. Verning shows a collection of photographs with hard contrasts in grainy black and white. A wild mixture of steet impressions, close-ups, portraits, animals and night visions that drag you through a dark, rough and blurry version of the city.

The magazine is planned to be published as a limited edition of 100 on a regular basis. Here’s a video on vimeo that gives an impression about the first issue.

$4.3 millions for a photo – why not?

Christian Reister

There’s been a lot of talk about Andreas Gursky recently because of the price that one of his photographs achieved at some auction in (was it?) London. And of course there’s the usual „is this still photography!? and Is that photograph really worth 4 millions?“ debate going on… As far as I know, Gursky considers himself an artist, not a photographer, so much of the debate is obsolete anyway. I think it’s nice if someone spends 4 millions for a photograph. Why not? Just imagine what nonsense is usually bought with such an amout of money. Yachts, palaces, big cars, weapons… So I think it’s really nice to imagine that someone prefers a photo instead.

There’s a really nice and humorous feature about the Gursky World from the early 2000s. At the end of it, Gursky explains the making of „Rhein II“, that is now the most expensive photograph in the word.

Fascination Street video

Christian Reister

For those who missed the show in Berlin:

Weegee The Famous

Christian Reister

„I didn’t wait for somebody to give me a job –  I went and created a job.“
A slideshow + the original voice of Weegee „The Famous“, the New York city freelance news photographer from the 1930s to the 1950s – here on

Anders Petersen Documentary

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There’s another fine photographer documentary on arte: Anders Petersen.

Bruce Davidson Documentary

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There’s a beautiful new documentary about Bruce Davidson on the arte Website.

Take a walk on the streets…

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Some of the screenings that were shown at the Seconds2Real event at exp12 Gallery in February are now online on vimeo. This video was shown as an intro to the evening and contains photographs from all Seconds2Real members as well as some thoughts about what the term „street photography“ means to us.

Documentaries, German photographers

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There are more and more documentaries about German photographers from the former GDR. I just found this nice one about Arno Fischer on the pages of Kunst-und Ausstellungshalle Bonn and there will be a new movie about Harald Hauswald in the cinemas called Zwischen Liebe und Zorn [Between Love and Anger]. Premiere next thursday, Feb 24, at Babylon Mitte, Berlin. I think I should go there, it’s only five minutes to walk…

Sybille Bergemann Documentary

Christian Reister

Mein Leben – Die Fotografin Sibylle Bergemann is now online on the webpages of in a German and French version. It’s a very intimate documentary with Sybille Bergemann talking about her career in photography, working for fashion magazines in the GdR, her husband Arno Fischer, the legendary appartment at Schiffsbauer Damm, the founding of Ostkreuz and about living with cancer. Sybille Bergemann died a view days before the movie pemiere at the cinema Babylon in November last year.

New York New York

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There’s a beautiful collection of extracts from the documentation „Everybody Street“ about street photography in New York listed on the blog of The New Yorker including Bruce Davidson, Mary Ellen Mark, Bruce Gilden and Joel Meyerowitz.

A Video about ALEX and me

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Radfahrer on DVD

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Marc Thümmler’s extraordinary photo movie „Radfahrer“ that combines Harald Hauswald’s photographs from the GDR with Stasi transcripts about him is now available on DVD for only € 7,-. Subtitles in English, Spanish and French plus a 30 Minutes interview. Highly recommended. The interview is also online on vimeo.

Stephen Shore lecture

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There’s a new video on of Grandmaster Stephen Shore holding his lecture Photography and the Limits of Representation in London this October. Take your time – it’s 90 minutes only!

How to promote a (photo)-book

Thomas Lobenwein

… no comment is necessary for this, just enjoy: „Double Take“, memoir (in words and pictures) by Kevin Michael Connolly.

Photography and the mind

Christian Reister

Some true words from Henry Wessel about the mind and it’s role in photography.

Bruce Gilden

Christian Reister

I discoverd this video about Bruce Gilden shooting in the streets of Manhattan a long time ago and it’s always fun to watch it again. If you don’t dare to take pictures of people you don’t know, just remember Bruce – it might help. There are some other videos about him on youtube, e.g. this slideshow of his Coney Island series with comments on the pictures by Gilden.

Tobias Zielony on arte

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Lovely video about Tobias Zielony on arte. (via fotofeinkost)

Documenting the Human Condition

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There’s a 45 minute video entitled Street Photography: Documenting the Human Condition featured on You might skip the sections discussing slr/range finder cameras (I always get bored with these technical blabla as it’s definitly possible to get good pictures without a Leica, too ;-) but the rest of video is very inspiring to watch. There are also some interesting photographers to discover like Severin Koller from Vienna.