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An der Schönheit kann’s nicht liegen!

Christian Reister


A new book by Peter Schneider. Cover photo by me. Nice!
Thank you, novarc images!


Berlin Photobook Market

Christian Reister

If you are interested in Berlin city / street / documentary photography check out the 1st Berliner photobook market at Carpentier Galerie. All photographers will be present. Details

Berlin Photobook 1. Berliner Büchermarkt zur Stadtfotografie

A Café Restaurant Exhibition

Christian Reister

Manzini, Berlin

The Café Restaurant Manzini at Luwigkirchstraße 11 in Berlin Wilmersdorf is a nice place for decent coffee and fine dining. Now it is even a little bit nicer because they have some of my photographs on the wall. Thanks to Manfred Carpentier from Carpentier Galerie for arranging this!

Too Rich for Monaco

Christian Reister

Zu Reich Für Monaco (c) Christian Reister

Finalizing the edit of some new printed matter. Don’t want to reveal too much about it yet but couldn’t resist to give a little preview on the cover design…

Berlin Trilogy / NACHT

Christian Reister

tip Berlin über Christian Reister

The third room will host photographs form my latest b/w series NACHT.
The gorilla photo is part of it and was just published by tip Magazin for a 2 page announcement about the exhibition. Today we will set up the exhibition, opening is tomorrow. I’m really looking forward….
(Info: www.reister-images.de)

Berlin Trilogy / ALEX

Christian Reister

from ALEX by Christian Reister

Room 2 will be ALEX’s room. 40 photos – that’s almost every picture from the book. The new prints are darker and rougher. They really fit to the mood of the series, I think.

Berlin Trilogy / Room 1

Christian Reister

Berlin 2006

I took the weekend off to prepare my next exhibition which will take place in three rooms of Café Aroma, Berlin Schöneberg (Opening date is June 6th – check my website for details).

The first room will be some kind of „Best of Berlin“ from recent years and it turns out that it will all be photos from the Berlin+Wien project that is still on exhibition in Vienna at the moment. The oldest picture in the show will be the one above. It is from 2006. It was part of my first „Urban B’Sides“ exhibition five years ago but somehow I lost sight of it. Maybe I thought it was „too easy“ as it was taken around some art event on a parking deck in Neukölln. It’s always strange how some images gain more importance with time while others fade away within a few month after you thought it was a great shot.

Framing images


Christian Reister

from the series NACHT by Christian Reister

Check my website or Seconds2Real’s latest blogpost for information about my next exhibition at Hotel Bogota, Berlin.
Save the date of the opening: April 26th – with a very special performance of Andreas Albrecht and Marco Ponce Kärgel playing live music to slideshows from my NACHT series. It’s going to be an exciting experiment.

Berlin + Wien Countdown: 1

Christian Reister

Foto: Kay von Aspern

The Reister & Von Aspern exhibition in Berlin is open for 1 more day: today!
Details exhibition
The book

Photo: Kay von Aspern

Berlin + Wien Countdown: 2

Christian Reister

Berlin 2011

The Reister & Von Aspern exhibition in Berlin is open for 2 more days.
Details exhibition
The book

Photo: Berlin 2011

Berlin + Wien Countdown: 3

Christian Reister

Foto: Kay von Aspern

The Reister & Von Aspern exhibition in Berlin is open for 3 more days.
Details exhibition
The book

Photo: Kay von Aspern

Berlin + Wien Countdown: 4

Christian Reister

Berlin 2012

The Reister & Von Aspern exhibition in Berlin is open for 4 more days.
Details exhibition
The book

Photo: Berlin 2012

Berlin + Wien Countdown: 5

Christian Reister

Foto: Kay von Aspern

The Reister & Von Aspern exhibition in Berlin is open for 5 more days.
Details exhibition
The book

Photo: Kay von Aspern

Wien + Berlin at BURJUAR

Christian Reister

Berlin / Wien book + exhibition

After opening the exhibition „Reister & Von Aspern: Berlin + Wien“ at BURJUAR, Berlin, with some busloads of nice audience last friday it is now open until March 23ed. Then the pictures will be sent to Vienna for the second exhibition at Eigensinnig Schauraum für Mode und Fotografie. Meanwhile the book is ready for order online. Today I’m going to carry 24 books to the post office. The book is limited to 100 copies only, so this is a forth of the whole edition. Huuuu…

More Infos:

Order the book

All about the book

Exhibition at BURJUAR, Berlin

Exhibition at Eigensinnig, Vienna

Reister & Von Aspern at BURJUAR

Reister + Von Aspern: Wien + Berlin

Christian Reister

I’m proud to announce my next exhibition that will be a duo show with my friend and partner in crime Kay von Aspern!
The exhibition will be shown in Berlin and Vienna. And, yes, we are also working on a book. Stay tuned!

Reister & Von Aspern

Event page on facebook


Berlin: Hippe Hauptstadt, improvisierter Glamour, Adlon, Berlinale, Hipster am Mauerpark, Bionade am Prenzelberg, Preußenmetropole. Und Wien: Livrierte Kellner in Kaffeehäusern, Sissi-Kitsch, Punschkrapfen, Kakanien, bleisargschwere Vergangenheit und kein Pop seit Falco.

Gegensätzlicher können Hauptstädte kaum sein, zumindest auf den ersten Blick. Aber was passiert jenseits des sorgfältig gepflegten Images? Was macht Berlin und was macht Wien aus, wenn sie nicht gerade bemüht sind, sich als Wochenendreiseziel zu verkaufen? Kann man ihre Seitenstraßen, ihre Menschen, ihre Lokale und Einkaufszentren überhaupt unterscheiden? Und jenseits der Eigenwahrnehmung gibt es noch die Fremdwahrnehmung. Oder, in diesem Fall, das argwöhnische gegenseitige Beäugen: Die humorlosen deutschen Piefkes, die hinterwäldlerischen Ösis. Ist da was dran?

Kay von Aspern und Christian Reister lassen es auf einen Versuch ankommen. In ihrer ersten gemeinsamen Ausstellung zeigen sie besondere und besonders abseitige Momente, Begegnungen, Fundstücke und Zwischentöne des Lebens in den beiden so unterschiedlichen Metropolen. Welches Foto aus welcher Stadt stammt, lassen die beiden Fotografen jedoch offen und geben dem Publikum damit die Gelegenheit, nach Besonderheiten, verräterischen Details und dem vermeintlichen Lebensgefühl zu suchen, das die Straßen durchweht – oder auch nicht.

Seit vielen Jahren forografieren Kay von Aspern (Wien) und Christian Reister (Berlin) den Alltag in den Städten, in denen sie leben. Beide sind Mitglieder des Straßenfotografie-Kollektivs Seconds2Real und haben ihre Fotos bei zahlreichen Einzel- und Gruppenausstellungen gezeigt. Begleitend zu den Ausstellungen in Berlin und Wien wird ein Fotoband mit Texten von Andrea Diener und Nick Turpin erscheinen.

Exhibitions 2013 – Update

Christian Reister

Feel invited and save the dates…

NEW YORKERS at playing with eels
9.2. – 8.3. // Vernissage THIS FRIDAY, 8.2. 19h
live guest: Andreas Albrecht // Urban Soundscapes
more infos // facebook event page

REISTER + VON ASPERN: Berlin <=> Wien
Berlin exhibition at Burjuar
2.3. – 22.3. // Vernissage 1.3. 19 h
Vienna exhibition at Eigensinnig – Schauraum für Mode und Fotografie
2.5. – 1.6. // Vernissage 30.4. 19 h

NACHT at Hotel Bogota photoplatz, Kabinett
27.4. – end of May // Vernissage 25. OR 26.4. 19 Uhr

7.6. – September // Vernissage: 6.6. 19 h

+ something in Arles, France, in June.

Kleister Impressions

Christian Reister

Some pictures from last Saturday’s Kleister event at Gleimtunnel, Berlin.

Reister at Kleister Continue Reading »


Christian Reister

From NACHT by Christian Reister

Website update: NACHT.

Thorsten Kirchhoff at Fenster61

Christian Reister

Thorsten Kirchhoff at Fenster61

The current exhibition at FENSTER61 is part of the 5th European Month of Photography in Berlin. Thorsten Kirchhoff’s photographs from his incredible work „Walking“ are shown in seven digital picture frames. The images are changing all the time so one can spend a long time looking inside the several spyholes and puzzling the story together. While the installation also works at daylight it is highly recommended to visit the venue at night.

In Transit at Ostkreuz

Christian Reister

Installation views from the current exhibition In Transit at Ostkreuz, Berlin

Terrassen am Zoo

Christian Reister

Holger Biermann, street photographer from Berlin, released a small but very nice booklet called „Terrassen am Zoo“ with black and white photographs from the previous years. It has the size of a postcard, contains 44 pages and cost only 5 euro + shipping costs. Check out more information here.

Ben de Biel on early 90s Berlin

Christian Reister

Those were the days… a beautiful slideshow with Ben de Biel on the early 90s in Berlin with lots of his photographs from that short period of time where almost everything seemed possible in Mitte, East Berlin.

Holger Biermann at FENSTER61

Christian Reister

Holger Biermann at FENSTER61

Holger Biermanns series Lichtenberg shows photographs from a Berliner district that looks like a village in many areas. The project was realized during an artists in residence stay at Lichtenberg Studios that published a small booklet with the whole series. It can be seen as a PDF here. The exhbition at FENSTER61 is up until 11th of September. See more infos here.

Photo Openings tonight

Christian Reister

There are some nice openings in Berlin tonight. Al least I’ll pop in at argus fotokunst gallery that is showing „Faszination New York“, an exhibition with classic photographs of Will McBride, René Burri, Arno Fisher etc. Also promising: Thekla Ehling at Robert Murat’s showroom.

exp12 Reopening tomorrow

Christian Reister

exp12 Gallery has found a new home at Greifswalder Straße 217, 10405 Berlin. Re-opening is tomorrow with „the flood wall slide shows“. Check details here.

Frank Silberbach at FENSTER61

Christian Reister

Frank Silberbach at FENSTER61

4 out of more than 70 photographs from Frank Silberbach’s Berlin 140° series are currently on display at FENSTER61. The whole series will be shown at Galerie im Rathaus Tempelhof opening this Thursday, 7 pm. To find out more about Silberbach, read the interview that is published today on the Seconds2Real blog.

Andreas Rost

Christian Reister

My friend and mentor Andreas Rost finally has his own website. Next to newer series from the Arabian word and portraits from the Occupy Berlin movement there are also his b/w-Berlin series from the late 90s „vergehen“ and „Paraden“ which are some of my favourite works of Andreas.

Max Thielmann at FENSTER61

Christian Reister

Max Thielmann at FENSTER61

Max Thielmann’s series Casino Boogie consists of photographs taken in Berliner bars during the last twenty years. Those who have been in Berlin in the 90s may spot some long gone places like Mary Chain Bar, Kastanienallee, or Obst und Gemüse, Oranienburger Straße. Some pictures seem to twinkle over from a hazy distant past, some are just from around the corner and could have been taken last night. Max Thielmanns ode to Berliner night- and bar-life is on exhibition at FENSTER61 until May, 15th.

New Website: FENSTER61

Christian Reister

The relaunch of FENSTER61’s website is online. Almost 70 exhibitions are in the archive by now, all about Berlin. It seems it became a real fine survey of different photographic views on the city. The new FENSTER61 blog wants to keep you update about acitivities of photographers who showed their work at FENSTER61. Feel free to add it to your blogrolls.

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