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Newsletter, April 15

Christian Reister


DRIFTWOOD – here comes the second round!

I’m thrilled to announce Driftwood No. 5, which will contain photographs from Warsaw, Poland, 2016/2017.

Like with Driftwood No. 1-4, the zine edition is limited to 50 copies, and available as a bundle of 4: Order once and get each new zine when it is published, approx. every three months, in our mailbox.

All those subscribers from the first round who order the second round, too, will get an extra thank you-gift with Driftwood 5.

Get Driftwood 1-4 now
(only 3 complete sets left)

Order the next 4 zines: Driftwood 5-8

Driftwood 5 will ship in the last week of April.

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Via Roma Foto Festival

I’m invited to Reggio Emila to show some black and white Berlin work in the frame of Festival di Fotografia Europea 17 – Via Roma, taking place in Reggio Emilia (IT) from May 5th to May 7th, 2017. If you are around: come by and say hi!

More Info here and there

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That’s all for today, thank you!

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Reggio Emilia Fotofestival

Christian Reister

More info here (Italian)

Driftwood in the Window (3)

Christian Reister

Driftwood at Fenster61

Frames Of Berlin Closing Party

Christian Reister


Pictures of the event (no login necessairy)

New images in the window

Christian Reister

Photos by Christian Reister

Since Fenster61 is having a break I like to change my own photos in the window from time to time. These 2 are form Alle Katzen Grau and have been shown in the big Filmriss exhibition during last year’s European Month of Photography in Berlin.

Newsletter March, 9

Christian Reister


Frames Of Berlin is a new photo contest. They have some great and inspiring people in the jury like Tobias Kruse, Sven Marquart, Grey Hutton and Linda Ferrari. I have submitted some images and they chose me to be in the top 10. That’s nice, thank you!

Award ceremony & exhibition evening will be at the beautiful Fellini Gallery in Berlin Kreuzberg. Every finalist’s work will be shown with a couple of photos, they have DJs and Schnaps and will finally announce who is the winner.

Other finalists are Alessandro Vinci, Camille Bokhobza, Eirikur Mortagne, Francesco Lusa, Hannes Jung, Gianni Rossi, Marc Sterkendries, Marga van den Meydenberg and Pietro Motisi.
Come along and have drink with us!

More information:

Newsletter Feb, 18



Show Your Darling – DARKNESS

a group show in Berlin
Opening tonight, more events soon. See:

DRIFTWOOD 4 | Berlin

DRIFTWOOD 4 is out now.
Subscriptions for Nr. 5-8 now possible on

Fenster61 Break / my own photos

Christian Reister


Fenster61 is having a break. Meanwhile I show my own photos from the DRIFTWOOD series.


FILMRISS Artist Talk and Guided Tour


with 4 photograhers (incl. me), this Wednesday, 16-11-2016, 8pm
Schloßstraße 10 1. OG im BOULEVARD BERLIN, 12163 Berlin-Steglitz

The exhibition is still open until end of December.
There’s a 20 page exhibition catalogue available at the gallery.

All about the exhibition (PDF)


Fotos / Installation views



Christian Reister


more photos : here here here and here


Christian Reister


Join us next sunday! – See the exhibition + lots of great independent photobook and their producers!




FILMRISS is open until December, 31, 2016!
Infos heremore photos there.

Installing FILMRISS

Christian Reister

Michael Hughes shot some nice pictures on the first day of the installation of FILMRISS.



Christian Reister


Fotografien von:
Eva BrunnerMichele CaliariMarion EliasJeroen GouloozeMichael HughesSusanne LeiboldAmélie LosierLutz MatschkeStephanie NeumannChristian ReisterChristoph SchiederIrina TübbeckeLuca VecoliNicole Woischwill

Where When Why What:

Einladung mit vollständigem Rahmenprogramm (PDF)

Join us at the opening!
Donnerstag, den 6. Oktober 2016 um 18 Uhr
Cerstin Richter-Kotowski, Bezirksstadträtin für Bildung, Kultur, Sport und Bürgerdienste
Doris Fürstenberg, Leiterin des Fachbereichs Kultur
Steffen Wagner, Kultur-Autor und PR-Berater
Musik: Jaspar Libuda, Kontrabass Solo

IS OFFEN / Studio Sale

Christian Reister


I’m opening the doors of my studio for one weekend in December.
Photobooks, photo prints, regular work and bargains…
I will be also taking portraits of visitors.
Check out all details on my website or on facebook.


Show your Darling opening

Christian Reister

Lots of friendly people last night at Sabine Wild’s atelier. Show your darling exhibition is now open until January 8. Details here.
Thank you, Sabine!





More pictures form the opening on facebook.


My picture in the exhibtion: Marabu 2011, in wooden frame, ca. 80x 55 cm

Show Your Darling

Christian Reister

I feel honored to be invited to show a golden framed photo at this nice group show:


Show Your Darling
30 Künstler zeigen ihr Lieblingsbild
Vernissage: Samstag, 28. November 2015, 19h
Ausstellung: 29. November 2015 – 8. Januar 2016
Finissage: Freitag, 8. Januar 2016, 19h
open: Sa + So 15 – 18 Uhr
Weihnachtsferien: 26. Dez 2015 – 3. Jan 2015
Atelier Sabine Wild, Eschenstraße 4, 12161 Berlin

André Baschlakow, Ophelia Beckmann, Eva Bruhns, Nils Clauss, Friedrich Gobbesso, Gero Gries, Matthias Hagemann, Matthias Heiderich, Uschi Krempel, Peter Lützow, Rémy Mouton, Carmelo Naranjo, Béatrice Nicolas-Ducreau, Stefanos Pavlakis, Eric Pawlitzky, Bartolomé Payeras-Salom, Marc Peschke, Martina Reichelt, Stephan Reisner, Christian Reister, Norman Sandler, Jörg Schmiedekind, Jochen Schneider, Alexandra Schraepler, Enno Schrammm, Torsten Schumann, Dorothea Schutsch, Martina Teepe, Sabine Wild, Sabine Würich


Christian Reister


We are ready.


Bist Du Glücklich? at #TABS

Christian Reister

Opening this thursday: #TABS / Temporary Artist’s Book Shop at Lage Egal with about 180 books.

From the press text: „(…) For the duration of the exhibition, LAGE EGAL will become a bookstore/reading library named #TABS – TEMPORARY ARTIST’S BOOK SHOP where the public will be able to look through, peruse, and purchase books and editions. It will be a big celebration of the object book, ideated and made by artists. The book, as a specific artwork, will be displayed in its transgenic form and use, which includes word and image, sight and touch.“

I’m happy to be part of it with my little book Bist Du Glücklich?.

Kunst Späti

Christian Reister

Kunst Späti #2

I am happy and feel honored to be invited to take part at KunstSpäti/Affordable Art market #2 at tête, Schönhauser Allee 161A, Berlin, NEXT wednesday evening. My books and postcards will be available at the booth of miraprospect. Check out details here. Stop by, bring some friends, have a chat, tea, coffee, cakes, whatever.

Made in Berlin

Christian Reister

Made in Berlin

Made in Berlin – the photobook exhibition at 12exp, is open on 4 more days: next 2 saturdays (4-8pm) and sondays (2-6pm). A very nice collection of contemporary self-published and indie publisher’s books and zines.

Photobook Events in Berlin

Christian Reister

photobooks by Christian Reister: Berlin-Wien, Bist du Glücklich?, ALEX

I made a little new book recently. It is called „Bist Du Glücklich?“ (Are you happy?). And while there is nothing about it online yet I will show it at the following events along with my older babies ALEX and BERLIN+WIEN (with Kay von Aspern):

15 Nov 2014
Das Gift, Donaustrasse 119, 12043 Berlin Neukölln
open: 8 pm til ?

23 Nov – 14 Dez 2014
Vernissage: 22 Nov, 7pm
MADE IN BERLIN – photobook exhibition
exp12, Greifswalder Str. 217, 10405 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
open: Sat 4-8pm + Sun 2-6pm

23 Nov 2014
BERLIN PHOTOBOOK – 1. Berliner Büchermarkt zur Stadtfotografie
Carpentier Galerie, Meinekestr. 13, 10719 Berlin Wilmersdorf
open: 1-6 pm

Stop by, have a chat, have a drink, buy a book. Or two.

Berlin Photobook Market

Christian Reister

If you are interested in Berlin city / street / documentary photography check out the 1st Berliner photobook market at Carpentier Galerie. All photographers will be present. Details

Berlin Photobook 1. Berliner Büchermarkt zur Stadtfotografie

Last week of „Berlin Photography 2“

Christian Reister

Parts of my exhibition at Carpentier Galerie

This week is the last week of the „Berlin Photography 2“ exhibition at Carpentier Galerie. Stop by if you haven’t seen it yet!

Parts of my exhibition at Carpentier Galerie

Opening this Friday

Christian Reister

Just a quick reminder:

Berlin Photography 2

Berlin Photography

Christian Reister

From ALEX, 2008-2010

Carpentier Galerie is launching its series of Berlin Photography exhibitions this may. I’m happy that my series ALEX is part of the second exhibition. In total 32 photographers will be presented within 8 exhibitions during 1 year. Some old friends and fellows amog them are Holger Biermann, Marga van den Meydenberg, Frank Silberbach, Thorsten Kirchhoff, Frank Schirrmeister and others. I’m very much looking forward to a wide overview on today’s Street and City Photography of Berlin!

A Café Restaurant Exhibition

Christian Reister

Manzini, Berlin

The Café Restaurant Manzini at Luwigkirchstraße 11 in Berlin Wilmersdorf is a nice place for decent coffee and fine dining. Now it is even a little bit nicer because they have some of my photographs on the wall. Thanks to Manfred Carpentier from Carpentier Galerie for arranging this!

Hinter Glas @ Fenster61

Christian Reister

Hinter Glas @ Fenster61

The 89th exhibition at FENSTER61 is a group show called Hinter Glas and is curated by Nicole Woischwill and Jenny Graser. It shows photographs of Jeremie Aubouin, Anna Arendt, Dorothee Baumann, Olle Fischer, Uta Protzmann, Christian Reister, Anke Schüttler und Nicole Woischwill. See more on FENSTER61’s website.

Kleister @ Hotel Bogota

Christian Reister

Kleister @ Hotel Bogota

Pasting photography all over the walls of Hotel Bogota. On Sunday, 55 photographers transformed the empty rooms of Hotel Bogota’s 4th floor into a vast photo gallery. All pictures were pasted to the wall and will remain until the restoration (or, well: distortion) of the building. Open daily from 4 to 8 pm. Schlüterstr. 45. Final showdown and finissage is on Saturday.

About Kleister: website | facebook

UPDATE: check these photos…

December exhibitions

Christian Reister

2 group show participations in December:

Blue Monday / Kleister at Hotel Bogota

55 Berliner Fotografen erweisen dem Bogota die letzte Ehre!

with: Frederico Azevedo, Frank Bartsch, Holger Biermann, Karoline Bofinger, Alexine Chanel, Lia Darjes, Damien Daufresne, Chiara Dazi, Lisa Dürer, Patricia Escriche, Torben Geeck, April Gertler, hannah goldstein, Benny Golm, Ismini Goula, Goodyn Green, Katja Haustein, Fred Hüning, Philipp Jester, Charlie Jouvet, Max Kersting, Thorsten Kirchhoff, Birgit Krause, Sebastian Laraia, Claire Laude, Amélie Losier, Sara-Lena Maierhofer, Maslowski/Grenzhäuser, Lutz Matschke, Jan Michalko, Lene Münch, Florian Oellers, Lukas Olfe, Ethna O‘ Regan, Piotr Pietrus, Christian Reister, Nadja Ritter, Gilles Roudière, Stefanie Rumpler, Corinna Sauer, Ulrike Schmitz, Ina Schönenburg, Torsten Schumann, André Simonow, Kamil Sobolewski, Stephanie Steinkopf, Dana Stölzgen, Yehuda Swed, Dagmar Tränkle, Irina Tübbecke, Constanze Vielgosz, Mathias Völcker, Jonas Ludwig Walter, Fridolin Welti, Jan Zappner

Dec 9th – 14th, opening party Dec. 8Th, 7pm
Schlüterstraße 45 | D-10707 Berlin
This will be the very last event at Hotel Bogota before it will close forever. |

Hinter Glas at Fenster61

with: Jeremie Aubouin, Anna Arendt, Dorothee Baumann, Olle Fischer, Uta Protzmann, Christian Reister, Anke Schüttler and Nicole Woischwill

8 photographers on 2×2 meters in a shopwindow.
Curated by Jenny Graser and Nicole Woischwill.
Dec 12th – Jan 18th
Torstr. 61 | 10119 Berlin

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