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Shifting Focus Bookmarket


Torsten Schumann, Christoph Kohlmann and I will be sharing a table at Shifting Focus Bookmarket at Kunstquartiers Bethanien, Berlin Kreuzberg this weekend. We are happy to be part of this new event with lots of lovely bookmakers and dealers like Bildband Berlin, Café Lehmitz Photobooks, Stephanie Neumann, Einer Books, Espen Krukhaug, Sonja Trabant, The Angry Bat plusplusplus…. Bring all your money and finance our Roof Top Swimming Pools!

Christoph Kohlmann at Fenster61

Christian Reister


Now til July 12th: Christoph Kohlmann’s Weltreise [Word Tour] at Fenster61!

Hamburg was nice

Christian Reister

Ken Schles

Hamburg/Deichtorhallen Portfolio Walk was not crowded, but nice! Many thanks to everyone who stopped by. Especially to Ken Schles and Wolfgang Zurborn for taking their time + giving me honest, inspiring and encouraging feedback on my work.

Wolfgang Zubrorn

Photobook Talk this Sunday

Christian Reister

I am invited to talk about photobooks this Sunday…

Finissage – Fotografisches Kolloquium Kreuzberg ‚WELTALL nicht eingschickt‘
Sonntag – 20. März 2016 von 15 bis 18 Uhr

Artist Talk – „Wie kommt der Sound ins Fotobuch?“
16-17 Uhr
Gast: Christian Reister (Fenster 61)

Wir sprechen über
…das erste Bild im Buch,
…die Angst vor der weißen Seite,
…den Klang der Bilder,
…Verlage oder self publishing,
…Künstlerbücher oder Bestseller …

Andreas Rost „Der Unbekannte Niemeyer in Algier“ (u.a.) //
Kristina Frick „Ich hab von ihm geträumt und von Affen“ //
Wenke Seemann “ Straße nach Damaskus“ //
Christian Reister „Alle Katzen grau“ (u.a.) //

Off to New York

Christian Reister

Central Park Zoo, New York, 2007

„Dreaming with open Eyes“ was the title of a one week photo workshop by Todd Weinstein in New York that I atttended  in 2007. I added another week and remember this trip as a very vibrant and inspiring one. When I was the fist time in New York City, in 2001, I think it was the final trigger for my passion for photography. I remember running around the whole two weeks with my Lomo LC-A and a plastic „Action Sampler“, snapping every poppycock I found. So now I’ll go there for the third time and I wonder what the time will bring. I’m looking forward to meet with in-public’s Richard Bram – the rest of the trip will be up to the mood. Maybe I’ll blog, maybe not…

Central Park, New York, 2007

Photos: Central Park, New York, 2007

Off to Hamburg

Christian Reister

I’m looking forward to a few days of strolling through the city of Hamburg. Part of the visit will be the Saul Leiter exhibition, of course. I’ve just run a little research and found those fine links about the event. I’m also going to meet two fellows from Seconds2Real and a quite well known photographer for an interview. And of course I’ll be walking the streets looking for some good pictures to find me. Like this one that I got when I was there last time.

Welcome 2012

Christian Reister

Berlin 2011

Berlin 2011

Berlin 2011

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Arno Fischer

Christian Reister

„Wenn ich an einer Bushaltestelle einen Mann fotografiere, der auf den Bus wartet, muss auf dem Foto mehr zu sehen sein als ein Mann, der auf einen Bus wartet.“ (When I take a pictures of a man waiting at a bus station there has to be more on the picture than a man waiting at a bus station)

So sad to hear that Arno Fischer died yesterday.

(Photo: Andreas Rost)

Personal Favourites 2010

Christian Reister

At the end of the year there comes the moment of truth: any good pictures taken during the last 12 months? Any pictures that will last? Especially when you shoot in public places really good results are quite rare. These are three of my personal favourites of 2010.


This was taken on the Gay Lesbian City Festival in Schöneberg, Berlin. Usually I go there every year but this year I was a bit late. The main party was over and some of the booths were already removed when I saw this scene on a street corner. Fortunately I had a flash on the camera for this one.


I live in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. In the 90s this used to be the place to be for any artists and alternative way of living. Now everybody has grown older, the old buildings are reconstructed, more and more richer people moved in and everybody goes shopping at organic supermarkets. I pass this cow several times a week. It’s funny that those organic supermarkets try to attract people exactly with the same methods as any American Fast Food Restaurant on Route66: with a life-sized cow. Comined with this little child behaving as if it would drink from the udder this picture is a symbol for Prenzlauer Berg in 2010 to me.


The Haus- und Heimtiermesse (pet fair) is a crazy event where you can buy anything you don’t need for a happier life of your pet. I like how the lady on the left looks at the other lady who’s face is as visible as the face of the poodle. Although this is often considered as a funny picture it also seems very melancholic and touching to me.