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Newsletter, April 15

Christian Reister


DRIFTWOOD – here comes the second round!

I’m thrilled to announce Driftwood No. 5, which will contain photographs from Warsaw, Poland, 2016/2017.

Like with Driftwood No. 1-4, the zine edition is limited to 50 copies, and available as a bundle of 4: Order once and get each new zine when it is published, approx. every three months, in our mailbox.

All those subscribers from the first round who order the second round, too, will get an extra thank you-gift with Driftwood 5.

Get Driftwood 1-4 now
(only 3 complete sets left)

Order the next 4 zines: Driftwood 5-8

Driftwood 5 will ship in the last week of April.

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Via Roma Foto Festival

I’m invited to Reggio Emila to show some black and white Berlin work in the frame of Festival di Fotografia Europea 17 – Via Roma, taking place in Reggio Emilia (IT) from May 5th to May 7th, 2017. If you are around: come by and say hi!

More Info here and there

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That’s all for today, thank you!

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Reggio Emilia Fotofestival

Christian Reister

More info here (Italian)

Driftwood in the Window (3)

Christian Reister

Driftwood at Fenster61

Working on Driftwood 5 | Warsaw

Christian Reister


Welcome Warsaw, welcome darkness.

Working on Driftwood 5 and finally kicking out all daylight images again…




Frames Of Berlin Closing Party

Christian Reister


Pictures of the event (no login necessairy)

New images in the window

Christian Reister

Photos by Christian Reister

Since Fenster61 is having a break I like to change my own photos in the window from time to time. These 2 are form Alle Katzen Grau and have been shown in the big Filmriss exhibition during last year’s European Month of Photography in Berlin.

Newsletter March, 9

Christian Reister


Frames Of Berlin is a new photo contest. They have some great and inspiring people in the jury like Tobias Kruse, Sven Marquart, Grey Hutton and Linda Ferrari. I have submitted some images and they chose me to be in the top 10. That’s nice, thank you!

Award ceremony & exhibition evening will be at the beautiful Fellini Gallery in Berlin Kreuzberg. Every finalist’s work will be shown with a couple of photos, they have DJs and Schnaps and will finally announce who is the winner.

Other finalists are Alessandro Vinci, Camille Bokhobza, Eirikur Mortagne, Francesco Lusa, Hannes Jung, Gianni Rossi, Marc Sterkendries, Marga van den Meydenberg and Pietro Motisi.
Come along and have drink with us!

More information:

Newsletter Feb, 18



Show Your Darling – DARKNESS

a group show in Berlin
Opening tonight, more events soon. See:

DRIFTWOOD 4 | Berlin

DRIFTWOOD 4 is out now.
Subscriptions for Nr. 5-8 now possible on

Instagram, here i come

Christian Reister


I started an account at instagram. Check dis!

Fenster61 Break / my own photos

Christian Reister


Fenster61 is having a break. Meanwhile I show my own photos from the DRIFTWOOD series.