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Exhibitions 2013

Christian Reister

I’m looking forward to some exhibition dates in the first half of 2013. The first one will be a group show „Der Raum dazwischen“ (the space inbetween) opening at Jan, 25th, at Kugelbahn Wedding. All I know is that there will be pictures of beds and portraits, every photographer is represented with just two photographs. As it is organized by the lovely Hanna Goldstein and Katja Klemm who are also responsible for the KLEISTER events, I think we can expect a stunning show and a nice opening party.

At Feb. 8th there will be the opening for a one month solo exhibition at playing with eels Gallery in Berlin Kreuzberg with my new street portrait series NEW YORKERS. I’m currenty working on the prints and I’m very enthusiastic about them.

NEW YORKERS @ playing with eels

One month later, on the 1st of March, my friend and Seconds2Real mate Kay von Aspern and I will open a joint exhibition with street photography from Berlin and Vienna at Burjuar which is located at the Neue Schule Für Fotografie in Berlin Mitte. We are planning to publish a catalogue along with the exhibition that will also be shown in Vienna just one month later.

Also, there are plans for a first solo exhibition of my NACHT series and another solo one that will be titled „Berlin Trilogy“ combining extracts from ALEX, NACHT and other Berlin work. Those dates are not finally confirmed but if we are lucky they will be also running in the first half of 2013.

Of course all details about all events will be posted here.
Stay tuned + happy new year!


Christian Reister

One of the most inspiring photobooks for me this year is MONO Volume One from Gomma Books. The book sold out within a month and provides a great overview on contemporary black and white photography with well known names like Petersen, Ackerman, Parke or Ballen along with younger emerging photogaphers.
Book video.

Martin Parr in the 80s

Christian Reister

Nice: an 80s TV documentation about Martin Parr on the archive pages of the BBC.

Charity auction

Christian Reister

Auktion für Unter Druck e.V.

List of all artwork (in progress)
I donated a signed copy of my ALEX book with an original photo print.

„Unter Druck – street culture“ is a club for the homeless as well as for the socially marginalized. It is for people living under the breadline who are willing to promote their interests with self-made ideas and self-initiative. (read more here). I have known Unter Druck e.V. for a long time and therefor know that this is really a worthwhile project to support.

ALEX book and print

Kleister Impressions

Christian Reister

Some pictures from last Saturday’s Kleister event at Gleimtunnel, Berlin.

Reister at Kleister Continue Reading »


Christian Reister

From NACHT by Christian Reister

Website update: NACHT.

Reister at KLEISTER

Christian Reister

Kleister Nord - Berlin, dein Gesicht hat Sommersprossen

It’s going to be a wild photographic mixture at Gleimtunnel this weekend. I’m going to participate at the KLEISTER NORD one-day exhibition next Saturday along with Christine Bachmann, Frank Bartsch, Eva Brunner, Lia Darjes, Christoph David Drange, Torben Geeck, April Gertler, Hannah Goldstein, Jan von Holleben, Philipp Jester, Katja Klemm, Sebastian Laraia, Mareike Lauken, Soliman Lawrence, Christian Lewandrowski, Henrik Malmström, Jan Michalko, Florian Oellers, Yvi Philipp, Corinna Sauer, Julia Schiller, Anne Schwalbe, Andre Simonow, Parker Tilghman, Dagmar Tränkle, Nadja Ritter, Gilles Roudière, Stefanie Rumpler, Constanze Vielgosz, Frido Welti and Jan Zappner.
More infos on tumblr. Finissage at Kugelbahn Wedding from 8pm til late.

The venue: Gleimtunnel between Prenzlauer Berg and Wedding
The venue: Gleimtunnel between Prenzlauer Berg and Wedding

I’m going to show some new work from my project with the working title NACHT which I am still working on. I’m nosey how it will work…

Thorsten Kirchhoff at Fenster61

Christian Reister

Thorsten Kirchhoff at Fenster61

The current exhibition at FENSTER61 is part of the 5th European Month of Photography in Berlin. Thorsten Kirchhoff’s photographs from his incredible work „Walking“ are shown in seven digital picture frames. The images are changing all the time so one can spend a long time looking inside the several spyholes and puzzling the story together. While the installation also works at daylight it is highly recommended to visit the venue at night.

Henri Cartier-Bresson on arte

Christian Reister

What a beautiful documentary (will be online for a few days only!)

Joel Sternfeld opening tonight

Christian Reister

Tonight, 7pm, at c/o Berlin: opening of Joel Sternfeld’s Retrospective.

Openings at Hotel Bogota tonight

Christian Reister

Tonight at the legendary Hotel Bogota: opening of Magnum photographer Antoine d’Agata’s exhibition ICE + ‚The future is unwritten‘ by Oscar Lebeck.

In Transit at Ostkreuz

Christian Reister

Installation views from the current exhibition In Transit at Ostkreuz, Berlin

Heaven is under construction

Christian Reister

Meeting old fellows on vimeo: Heaven is under construction by Mirjam Siefert.

A Song for the Weekend

Christian Reister

When I first heard some of the new songs from Andreas Albrechts new album, there was this one among them with the title „Nacht“ („Night“). A current photo project I’m working on has the same working title and much of a related athmosphere. So when Andreas came up with the idea making some kind of photo film video for the song with my photographs I first tried to bring it together with my new photographs but soon realized that this would not work. I always find it extremly difficult to combine music with lyrics and photography in a really cross-fertilizing way. In most cases there is always one medium „too loud“ – either the images are too clear and strong to let space for lyrics or vice versa. So we decided to drop that idea and try to be as open as possible taking photos along a long shared trip through a Berlin summer night. We went by bike and feet, finally had a few hundreds of photos and Andreas would just take them home and do whatever he wanted to to with them. Full screen view recommended.

Terrassen am Zoo

Christian Reister

Holger Biermann, street photographer from Berlin, released a small but very nice booklet called „Terrassen am Zoo“ with black and white photographs from the previous years. It has the size of a postcard, contains 44 pages and cost only 5 euro + shipping costs. Check out more information here.

Soliman Lawrence at Fenster61

Christian Reister

Soliman Lawrence at Fenster61

Soliman Lawrence’s exhibition Old World Succulence was originally ment to be part of the 5th European Month of Photography in Berlin. For some reasons nobody really explained to us, the curator jury didn’t like it. I’m not shure if the term „curator“ is the right word here – for they only had some jpgs and some written lines for „curating“ submitted works – but that’s a different story, I suppose…

The good thing about the refusal is that this exhibition is now part of the new Movement for Gallery network which means that Fenster61 dances on both parties – European Month of Photography with the next exhibiton and MfG with this exhibition.

Check out Soliman Lawrence’s phantastic work Old World Succulence on his website. For the exhibition at FENSTER61 we chose a selection of twelve black and white photographs taken at the Berliner Zoos and the Botanical Garden.

Ackerman + Wegerhoff openings tonight

Christian Reister

2 quick hints on openings in Berlin tonight:

Half Life by Michael Ackerman at argus fotogkunst
Einzelkinder by York Wegerhoff at Burjuar

Photos for a friend

Christian Reister

Andreas Albrecht 2012

One of a few new photographs for the upcoming release of Andreas Albrecht’s new CD TAGEBUCHt.

Ben de Biel on early 90s Berlin

Christian Reister

Those were the days… a beautiful slideshow with Ben de Biel on the early 90s in Berlin with lots of his photographs from that short period of time where almost everything seemed possible in Mitte, East Berlin.

Stadtansichten at Neon Chocolate

Christian Reister

Andreas Goroncy, Robert Herrmann, Judith Krick, Frank Machalowski and Daria Olejniczak are exhibiting together in a show called „Stadtansichten“ at Neonchocolate Gallery. The opening is tonight at 7pm. Part of the exhibition are Frank Machalowski’s Multi Exposures of Berliner sightseeing hotspots photographed from several positions on one frame.

In Transit

Christian Reister

In Transit - Europäischer Monat der Fotografie in Berlin

IN TRANSIT is the title of an open air exhibition in public space that will be hosted at Ostkreuz station during the 5th European Month of Photography in Berlin. It is organized and curated by Jaana Morgengrün. However, one or two photographs of mine will be part of the show of ca. 50 photographers and everybody is invited to participate with own photographs – get more details on the project’s blog and feel free to support the project on the crowd funding pages of startnext.

Jan Michalko at Fenster61

Christian Reister

Jan Michalko at FENSTER61

From today til Oct 16th Jan Michalko is exhibiting street photography from Berlin at FENSTER61. Michalko is a member of miraprospekt.


Christian Reister

There’ll be a nice 1 day open air photo exhibition in Kreuzberg tomorrow. Check out KLEISTER here.

Christopher Anderson

Christian Reister

There’s an interesting video about Christopher Anderson on the pages of vice magazine. Anderson became famous for his photos form wars and crisis regions, then switched to very personal work when he became a father and is now photographing mostly at home in New York City.

Siegfried Hansen opening this Friday

Christian Reister

Siegfried Hansen, Seconds2Real buddy and photographer from Hamburg, has just published a funny new series „Schlagermove“ on his website. I don’t know if these pictures will be part of his solo show that will open tomorrow but I’ll definitly go to the opening. Check details about his exhibition here and see you in Hamburg!

Have a nice Book

Christian Reister

A big collection of „flip through photobook videos“ can be found on Have a nice Book, a website by Yosigo and Salva López. The soundtracks may sound a little bit strange sometimes but the mix between photobook classics and self-published books is quite inspiring and outstanding. You can spend hours there…


Christian Reister

I launched a facebook page for FENSTER61 last week. I’m still not keen on using facebook personally but it should be fine to get some additional promo for FENSTER61 and its exhibitions. If you are on fb feel free to like FENSTER61 here.

New Yorkers

Christian Reister

New Yorkers by Christian Reister

I’m starting the week with editing and postproduction work on a series of portraits I have made in New York last month in the style of my Londonders series from three years ago. It’s so fascinating to look through such a broad diversity of characters. I feel thankful to all the 180 persons who permitted me to take their picture and feel kind of sorry for everyone I have to sort out to get a decent collection of 50.

New Yorkers by Christian Reister

Holger Biermann at FENSTER61

Christian Reister

Holger Biermann at FENSTER61

Holger Biermanns series Lichtenberg shows photographs from a Berliner district that looks like a village in many areas. The project was realized during an artists in residence stay at Lichtenberg Studios that published a small booklet with the whole series. It can be seen as a PDF here. The exhbition at FENSTER61 is up until 11th of September. See more infos here.

Christoph David Drange at FENSTER61

Christian Reister

Christoph David Drange: Die Haut der Stadt

Currently at FENSTER61 – Christoph David Drange: Die Haut der Stadt

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