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Berlin 140° by Frank Silberbach

Christian Reister

Frank Silberbach’s Berliner panorama street photographs finally have their own website. It features a vast archive of all 213 pictures published as a weekly column in Berliner Zeitung over the period of more than four years as well as newer photographs that were taken in the last couple of years. Take your time and enjoy.

emerge book 011

Christian Reister

Just in time for christmas: our friends from have their first book ready for subscription. It covers 276 pages with 26 reportages from German photographres Christian Pankratz, Gesche Jäger, Daniel Pilar, Anne Lass, Nicole Strasser, Lene Münch, Mareike Günsche, Jan Windszus, Frederic Lezmi, Anikka Bauer, Tine Casper, Daniel Etter, Mischa Christen, Kirill Golovchenko, Hannes Jung, Heinrich Völkel, Jan Brandes, Gordon Welters, Florian Manz, Judith Stenneken, Rebecca Sampson, Jonas Ludwig Walter, Andy Spyra, Dawin Meckel, Anna-Kristina Bauer and Felix Seuffert. The preview pages look promising.

German folk festivals in the 80s

Christian Reister

Some more photographic documents from Bavaria and other German areas: a beautiful series by Andreas Weinand called Deutsche Volksfeste.

Gundula Schulze Eldowy: The early Years

Christian Reister

Gundula Schulze Eldowy’s exhibition Die Frühen Jahre / The early Years at c/o Berlin is opening tonight at 7pm. There’ll be several series shown from her latest books Berlin in einer Hundenacht and Der große und der kleine Schritt. Read reviews in German here and here.

Update: review on Spiegel Online.

Bavarian behaviour

Christian Reister

Seconds2Real’s Mario Cuic has compiled a new photo series which was taken mostly in Munic. They seem to be just a little bit different down there…

Off the beaten tracks

Christian Reister

Sven Marquardt, Peter Franck, Matthias Gephart and Sebastian Klug are exhibiting in the lively Prenzlauer Berger gallery Neon Chocolate from today until Dec. 15th. The photographers claim to present a world apart from ever-present glossy-photography in a wide range from Marquardt’s well known b/w portraits to Klug’s cell phone nightlife shots. Check out their trailer and details about the show and opening tonight here.

Group show opening at Neue Schule

Christian Reister

Kickoff for the weekend: the Berliner photo school Neue Schule Für Fotografie presents its first group exhibition with works of the lectureres Thomas Anschütz, Eva Bertram, Bertram Kober, Bodo Müller, Eva Maria Ocherbauer, Arne Reinhardt and Marc Volk. Opening tonight at 7 pm.

Photonews Blog

Christian Reister

Finally… Germany’s photo magazine Photonews is running a blog.

Dirty Old Town

Christian Reister

Hamburg based photographer Petra Herbert did a lovely photo project in Pforzheim, the city she lived until she turned 18. This series was a special discovery for me as I grew up near Pforzheim in Southern Germany and lived in town for a few year at the beginning of my 20s . Check an interview (in German) and photographs from her artist book „What we’ve got is Gold“ on the pages of SZ Magazin online.

W. Eugene Smith Retrospective

Christian Reister

Deeply impressive: W. Eugene Smith’s Retrospective at Martin Gropius Bau that was shown for the last time yesterday in Berlin. The exhibition showed several complete reportages in different rooms and a little bit of miscellanious work at the end. Contact sheets and the comparison of different prints evidenced how hard he manipulated his pictures sometimes to get those dark and strong results. Nearly every photograph is cropped in one way or another and every picuture seems to have its very own aspect ratio.

Looking at photographs online

Christian Reister

„I think the web has turned photographs into caricatures. You look at them quickly, gain the easiest visual features, then move on. What I wonder is how much that’s shaping the actual image making, if people are making simpler images just because those are the ones easiest to digest in a small jpg.“

Blake Andrews in a conversation with Bryan Formals worth reading on his blog.

Opening tonight: group show „Schau“

Christian Reister

This year’s Ostkreuz Schule für Fotografie und Gestaltung graduates are presenting their work in a an exhibition called „Schau“ that will open tonight at 7pm. Check for location details and opening hours. The website provides a promising preview on the works that will be shown. Among them – hurray! – our dear fellow Thomas Lobenwein with his new series Floria and Fjodor.

Photos from the backyard

Christian Reister

Unfortunately it’s „only“ a website but what a nice idea! A photography magazine that focuses on photographers who love to capture their neighbourhoods. That is backyard (subtitled „encouraging photographers to stay at home since 2011“).  The first issue is about London and features the work of Jonathan Goldberg, Katherine Green, George Plemper (a phantastic collection of workers Portrait from 1978-1982), David Solomons (with his well known Up West series), Paul Tucker and Graeme Webb. Great combination and editing!

Opening tonight: The Wasp and the Jar

Christian Reister

My neunplus colleague Mirjam Siefert is exhibiting parts of her long time project Heaven Is Under Construction together with the painter Gabor A. Nagy at an exhibition titled „The Wasp and the Jar“ at GHYCZY Galerie, Knaackstraße 96, Berlin. Opening tonight at 7pm.

Berlin:Crash by Henrik Verning

Christian Reister

After the release of Henrik Verning’s book Berlin – Die Stadt und die Beute in 2008 I asked him if he would like to exhibit some of his photographs at FENSTER61. He exhibited some new work there in 2009 and some of the pictures are now part of his new publication Sampler.01/Berlin:Crash. Verning shows a collection of photographs with hard contrasts in grainy black and white. A wild mixture of steet impressions, close-ups, portraits, animals and night visions that drag you through a dark, rough and blurry version of the city.

The magazine is planned to be published as a limited edition of 100 on a regular basis. Here’s a video on vimeo that gives an impression about the first issue.

$4.3 millions for a photo – why not?

Christian Reister

There’s been a lot of talk about Andreas Gursky recently because of the price that one of his photographs achieved at some auction in (was it?) London. And of course there’s the usual „is this still photography!? and Is that photograph really worth 4 millions?“ debate going on… As far as I know, Gursky considers himself an artist, not a photographer, so much of the debate is obsolete anyway. I think it’s nice if someone spends 4 millions for a photograph. Why not? Just imagine what nonsense is usually bought with such an amout of money. Yachts, palaces, big cars, weapons… So I think it’s really nice to imagine that someone prefers a photo instead.

There’s a really nice and humorous feature about the Gursky World from the early 2000s. At the end of it, Gursky explains the making of „Rhein II“, that is now the most expensive photograph in the word.


Christian Reister

Exactitudes is a project by Ari Versluis and Ellie Uyttenbroek from Rotterdam. „Inspired by a shared interest in the striking dress codes of various social groups, they have systematically documented numerous identities over the last 16 years. Rotterdam’s heterogeneous, multicultural street scene remains a major source of inspiration for Ari Versluis and Ellie Uyttenbroek, although since 1998 they have also worked in many cities abroad.“ (quote from their website)

I first saw parts of the images somewhere at an art fair in Berlin many years ago. There’s also a book and an very special website that shows the enormous broadness of this fantastic portrait project.

Nothing at FENSTER61

Christian Reister

FENSTER61 is having a break

FENSTER61 is having a break. No planning in the summer => no exhibitions in the autumn. As simple as that. FENSTER61 will be back with monthly changing photo exhibitions in January 2012. Expected to be among the next photographers are Wenke Seemann, Thorsten Strasas and Torsten Schumann. Submissions are always welcome as long as they fit to the concept.

Fascination Street video

Christian Reister

For those who missed the show in Berlin:

Openings tonight

Christian Reister

Kickoff for the weekend – two promising openings in Berlin I won’t miss tonight:
Charlie Jouvet at Pavlov’s Dog and
Ute & Werner Mahler at Dittrich & Schlechtriem (former pool gallery)

Sol Neelman’s Weird Sports

Christian Reister

Sol Neelman from Portland released a funny photobook called ‚Weird Sports‘ which contains a collection of his photographs taken on freaky sports events in the US during the last eight years. His long term project ist documented with a lot more photos on his blog.
There are interviews with Neelman about how he ist working on The Image, Deconstructed and on the aperture blog.

Within Shadows by Susan Burnstine

Christian Reister

‚Within Shadows‘ by Susan Burnstine is the first exhibition of the American photographer in Berlin. Susan Burnstine works with homemade film cameras to get a very blurred and unfocsed styles which suits perfectly to her dream-like photographs. Burnstine usually sets her black and white pictures up but the result is still supposed to be a matter of some „magical“ chance. Along with the exhibition comes her frist book with the same title.

There’s a slideshow of ‚Within Shadows‘ and and interview about her work on Youtube. Susan Burnstine is also running an interesting blog called underexposed with interviews and thoughts photography.

The exhibition in Berlin is hosted at Galerie Hiltawsky until December 23th.


Join the Fascination Street Finissage

Christian Reister

Four more opening days, then the Fascination Street exhibition in Berlin will be closed. This Sunday at 7pm we’ll be having a public finissage. Everybody’s invited to come along (again) and have a drink with us. Siegfried Hansen, Thorsten Strasas, Guido Steenkamp, me, and maybe some more exhibiting photographers will be present. Eventpage on facebook.

Fascination Street - Street Photography exhibition in Berlin

Btw: meanwhile my ALEX book was sold out at the gallery. They now have more copies – and it’s still possible to order it online – signed or unsigned.

Pictures of an exhibition

Christian Reister

Seconds2Real launched an album of pictures from the Fascination Street vernissage and the first 2 days over on facebook.

The opening of Seconds2Real’s first group show last friday was a stunning and funny night with lots of good conversations + very different people. I was happy to see a lot of old friends as well as a lot of people whom I didn’t know but who knew me. The exhibiton is open until October 30th.

Fascination Street opening this Friday

Christian Reister

Kickstart for the weekend – join the opening party of Seconds2Real’s group exhibition Fascination Street this Friday, 14th, from 7pm til late. Nine members of Seconds2Real – including me – are showing about 100 prints at MEINBLAU Kunsthaus in Berlin. There are Gallery Talks and Tours on the weekend also. Check Seconds2Real’s website for all details.

Andreas Meichsner

Christian Reister

I attended a lecture by Andreas Meichsner at Deichtorhallen, Hamburg, two or three years ago and pretty much liked his photo series he presented at the time. Those series, combined with some new ones, also dealing with his main subject tourism, are now published in his book „Alles in Ordnung“ („Everything is okay“). Jörg Colberg ist presenting it in a new video of his book presentation series on youtube.


Friedrich Seidenstücker

Christian Reister

Kickoff for the weekend… Friedrich Seidenstücker’s big retrospective will open tonight at 7pm at Berlinische Galerie. Seidenstücker (1882-1966) is best known for his humorous photographs of every day life in Berlin during the Weimar Republic and post-war Berlin, especially from the Berliner Zoo. There will be around 200 prints in the exhibition and a book is published as well (Von Nilpferden und anderen Menschen/Of Hippos and Other Humas). Check a selection of his photographs and a german article on

Update: more reviews | RBB Abendschau | Die Welt |

Fascination Street Countdown

Christian Reister

There’s a weekly interview series with members of Seconds2Real street photography collective in celebration of the forthcoming exhibition in Berlin on Sara T’Rula’s blog. The following interviews have been published so far: Elisabeth Schuh, Thorsten Strasas, Andreas Stelter, Mario Cuic and – today – me. Check all interviews here.

Weegee The Famous

Christian Reister

„I didn’t wait for somebody to give me a job –  I went and created a job.“
A slideshow + the original voice of Weegee „The Famous“, the New York city freelance news photographer from the 1930s to the 1950s – here on

Family affairs

Christian Reister

Opening this Thursday at 7pm at Fotogalerie Friedrichshain: the group show Familienbande presenting seven photographers, among them Klaus Münzner and Fred Hüning from neunplus, all dealing with the subject Family.

Different photographers – other side of the world – related topic – beautiful slideshow: Check the Crazy Little Fuckers by the internation photography collective

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