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Bruce Gilden’s Fashion Magazine

Christian Reister

Bought Bruce Gilden’s Fashion Magazine yesterday which in fact is a collection of 7 magazines, each 40cm high and 30cm wide. Entitled Power, Fame, Addictions, Body, Fantasmes, Exclusive and Illicit. The big format fits perfectly to those powerful pictures. There’s a multimedia presentation on Magnum In Motion with Bruce talking about the project. Awesome.

Friday Quotes on Sonicblog

Christian Reister

Every friday I like to read the friday quote on sonicblog. Today it’s Matt Stuart saying

“People say street photography is somehow old-fashioned and cliched, but, if that’s the case, so is portraiture or sports photography; you might even say so is photography itself. Sure, we’re recording the everyday world in much the same way that street photographers have always done, but times change and things move on, and street photography is a record of that at ground level. That is why it is so important to resist calls for it to be banned or controlled.”

Other fine sources for quotes about photography are and

Robert Lebeck Radio Interview

Christian Reister

Robert Lebeck is one of West Germany’s grandmasters of photojournalism who started his carreer when Elvis Presley was a US soldier based in Germany – there’s a very interesting interview on the Radio Bremen website (German).

Andreas Stelter

Christian Reister

German photographer and Seconds2Real member Andreas Stelter is presenting beautiful street photographs on his website as well as some interesting essays about the history of photography, photojournalism and – of course – street photography. Enjoy.

Things Fall Apart at Pool Gallery

Christian Reister

The Pool Gallery in Berlin represents visual artists and some well known photographers from Germany such as Andreas Mühe and Ostkreuz founders Harald Hauswald, Ute Mahler and Werner Mahler. Tonight it’s the opening of an exhibition entitled Things Fall Apart that deals with the idea of loss and deterioration of social and political structures in the United States. The exhibition is curated by Amy Stein and features works of seven contemporary American female photographers: Juliana Beasley, Lisa Kereszi, Stacy Mehrfar, Justine Reyes, Robin Schwartz, Amy Stein and Zoe Strauss. Doors open at 6pm here.

Christian Doppelgatz at FENSTER61

Christian Reister

The 2ed exhibiton of FENSTER61 in this year’s European Month of Photography in Berlin is up since Monday night. Christian Doppelgatz ist showing a series of striking portraits he took of youngsters from Berlin-Marzahn last year. Check out more portraits of the series on his website.

Alain Delorme’s Totems

Christian Reister

I don’t know anything about Parisisan photographer Alain Delorme, but this series is just awesome.

Exhibition by Frank Silberbach

Christian Reister

Berlin 120° is an extraordinary exhibiton of Frank Silberbach at unterwegs Galerie, Torstraße, Berlin. Frank Silberbach uses a panorama camera for his b/w street photography in Berlin. All images were taken in the last few years and have a lot of little details in them to discover. This man should definitely make a book out of it! Some images online + details about the exhibition here.

Openings tonight

Christian Reister

Some interesting openings I’m going to visit tonight…

Michael Wolf, Tokio Compression Book Release at 25books

Winners of 3. Kassel Photobook Festival Werner Amann, Axel Beyer und Chad States at Future A.D.Deertz Shop, Torstraße 106, Berlin-Mitte

Graduation exhibition of Ostkreuz School of Photography at c/o Berlin

Liverpool revisited

Christian Reister

Paul Trevor took pictures on the streets of Liverpool in 1975 and ist now returning to find the people he had photographed. A beautiful documentation about a beautiful project on the bbc pages.

Fred Herzog opening tonight

Christian Reister

“It’s impossible to be a photographer and not make social remarks. Impossible. That which you know spills over into your photographs.”
– Fred Herzog / more quotes here

Another street photography highlight of this year’s European Month of Photograhy is opening tonight at c/o Berlin. Fred Herzog is one of the very early color street photographers who began to shoot in color in the early 50s. Check his photographs on the Equinow Gallery’s website.

Rudi Meisel opening tonight

Christian Reister

There are some interesting street photography exhibitions at this year’s European Month of Photography in Berlin. Rudi Meisel is featured with two solo shows: London as it was, 1967-1973 will open later that month, the other exhibition entitled Life in cities with photographs from the last 10 years will open tonight at loftgalerie für Fotografie, 7pm.

Win a book

Christian Reister

Seconds2Real published a nice review about ALEX last week – now they are running an ALEX competition. Click here to find out how you can win a copy of ALEX. If you shouldn’t be lucky to win one you still have the chance to order one ;-)

Matt Stuart

Christian Reister

One of today’s finest street photographers, Matt Stuart from London, is featured on The New York Times Lens Blog today. There’s a nice video about him on Spine TV and more photographs on his website and on his in-public pages.