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‚Amber Thieves‘ on

Thomas Lobenwein

… made a second small book: it´s out of my ‚Amber Thieves‘ – story. Also this one you can check out and of course buy on

seconds2real Redesign

Christian Reister

Street Photography co-operative seconds2real from Austria and Germany has a new website with some new gallerys + other nice features. Enjoy.

nick´s lunch box

Thomas Lobenwein

James Pomerantz is a New York based photographer who allows himself to walk through different styles of photography. He works on documentary topics as well as on artist style pieces. On his website you can find a story about people living in a war zone along with pictures of highlighted bathing people or the result of melting together shots from a surveillance camera. What I like most is the ‚portrait‘ of an aluminum lunch box. Pomerantz is also running a blog where he reports on his adventures of being a photo student (MFA) again: a video, which came under attack cause of showing a Holocaust-survivor, dancing ‚I Will Survive“ together with his family in front of different concentration-camps, is presented there and invites you to judge whether it´s offensive or not …

Zimmer/117 (2)

Thomas Lobenwein

Eight photographers, one good idea, next round: the second issue of Zimmer/117 – magazine is out now. Visit their web gallery and if you want, by a copy.

‚Turkish Wrestling‘ on

Thomas Lobenwein

… made a small book out of my ‚Wrestling‘ – story. You can check it out and of course buy on

Magdalena Spinn at FENSTER61

Christian Reister

There’s a new exhibition at FENSTER61 by Magdalena Spinn, a student from Ruhakademie Schwerte. Her series Kinderlos (Childless) shows 16 playgounds in Berlin. I wonder what looks more cosy – the lion’s cages at the zoo or those architectual highlights for the kids. Check

Bruce Gilden

Christian Reister

I discoverd this video about Bruce Gilden shooting in the streets of Manhattan a long time ago and it’s always fun to watch it again. If you don’t dare to take pictures of people you don’t know, just remember Bruce – it might help. There are some other videos about him on youtube, e.g. this slideshow of his Coney Island series with comments on the pictures by Gilden.

Less is more

Christian Reister

„I feel more affinity to anarchy and contradiction than to reason and sense“ says Austrian photographer Robert Rutöd. See humorous and profound street photography on his website and preview his latest book release Less Is More.

Tobias Zielony on arte

Christian Reister

Lovely video about Tobias Zielony on arte. (via fotofeinkost)

Wait for Walk

Christian Reister

Florian Böhm was one of the authors of Endcommercial from 2002 and later published Wait for Walk, a book full of photographs taken on crosswalks in New York City. I just found this interesting documentation from arte on youtube which is worth watching. (German language).

Lecture Archive 1974 til now

Christian Reister

The International Center of Photography in New York is working on a website with audio and video files recorded since they started their lecture series „The Photographer“ in 1974. There’s a vast list of photographers representing a wide range of photographic expressions, from photojournalism to fashion to art. A view lectures are already online.